Sticky Lettering Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vinyl Lettering ?
Vinyl lettering is lettering cut from a coloured self adhesive vinyl material. Lettering is supplied pre-spaced with a top transfer paper. To apply you peel off the backing, stick your lettering down them remove the top transfer paper to leave individual pre-spaced lettering without any background.

What will the lettering stick to ?
Our vinyl lettering will stick to most smooth surfaces, such as vehicles, glass, painted wood, plastics, pvc banners and much more. It is commonly used for vehicle signs, shop fronts, windows, boats, aircraft, sign boards, banners, internal smooth painted walls, sandwich boards and pavement signs, hard hats, identification and warning signs and much more.

Is it easy to apply ?
Like most things you do need to take a little care, but if you follow our application guide you should have no problem applying your lettering and create some great looking signs.

What about applying lettering to the inside of a windows.
If you want you lettering to read right from the outside when applied to the inside of a window then simply order your lettering reverse cut. To keep postage cost down we may carefully fold the text between letters to fit in the most economic package.

Will there be a background to the lettering ?
When the lettering has been applied and the top transfer paper has been removed there will be no background, just the colour of the surface to which the lettering has been applied.

Can I have more than 1 colour lettering ?
The lettering is all supplied single colour, but you can create good effects by mixing and matching different colour lettering.

How long will my lettering last ?
Our vinyl has an exterior durability of 8 years for black and white, 7 years for colours. It is expected to last many years and will often out perform a painted surface to which it has been applied. Proper surface preparation and the quality of application will have an effect on how long the actual sign will last as will conditions such as location and exposure to extreme weather and temperature changes. This is the case with any vinyl but we use a top quality vinyl to ensure your signs stay looking good for many years.

What is the specification of the vinyl material ?
We use a Premium High Performance 7-8 year exterior life graded vinyl. It is 70 microns thick (less than 0.1mm) with a permanent solvent based adhesive. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications onto flat or curved surfaces.

When will my lettering be delivered ?
Orders are usually dispatched either next day or the following day (Monday-Friday) on a first class service.

Can my lettering be made in a font style not listed ?
We have tried to include a good range of popular fonts and a good selection of different styles for different occasions. We continually review of range and do add new font if we feel they will be popular. Although we only offer those fonts listed we do welcome customer feedback and if you feel we should include a particular font then please let us know and we may consider it for later updates.

Can I remove the lettering if I need to ?
Yes you can remove the lettering but you will not be able to reuse it. To remove simply warm the vinyl with a hair dryer or heat gun and peel off. Any residue glue can be removed with solvent such as white spirit or a tar and glue remover from a car valet supplies.

Will the lettering damage the surface ?
We can not guarantee this but it is rare and unlikely. Vinyl lettering is used on almost all vehicle signs and when no longer required is removed. On a factory finish or good painted surface there should be no problems. Sometimes if the vinyl has been on for many year and removed you may see a slight ghosting where the rest of the paint may have faded but where the vinyl has been it has not. This can often be minimised with a good polish.

Please note:
Your lettering will be pre-spaced but for some long strings we may split it rather than supplying all in 1 long piece. For ease of shipping we may fold the text string between letters but this will not affect the actual letters.

Fast Turn Around

Orders are dispatched on a 2/3 working day turn around.

Long Lasting Vinyl

Our vinyl has an exterior durability of 8 years for black and white, and 7 years for colours.

Easy To Apply

Follow our application guide to easily apply your lettering and create some great looking signs.